The Secret To I How Gained 10,000 Followers in 48 Hours – Instagram Tips & Tricks 2018

Gaining 10,000 (10k) followers on Instagram is a huge jump and extremely challenging. Well I have accomplished to gain 10k followers in 48 hours through a simple strategy that most likely will not last long as Instagram updates and changes their algorithm almost daily.

Watch the whole video to find out how I exactly did this, step by step. It is good planning and strategy combined with some good luck combined with the help of the Instagram algorithm. read more

Instagram Live Episode 6: Griffin Paladin, Optimus Micro and Recce 5

In this episode, we discuss the new Griffin Paladin 5 and how it fits in with Griffin’s extensive product line.

Original Air Date: 11/2/2018



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Советы и лайфхаки для начинающего INSTAGRAM блоггера

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Сегодня практически у каждого из нас есть профиль в Инстаграме и мы даже пытаемся регулярно что-то туда выкладывать. Сегодняшние наши советы будут полезны начинающим Инстаграммерам, которые хотят найти свой личный стиль и собрать вокруг себя лояльную аудиторию – большую или совсем маленькую – не важно! read more

How To Get More Local Photography Clients on Instagram | ONE EASY TIP

I am so excited to share this very easy tip to attracting photography clientele and customers in your own backyard. This is something super easy to implement into your photo page, regardless if it’s set to a business or personal profile. However, I see it often getting overlooked! I hope this helps you because I know it has increased my local presence and engagement. read more