Instagram Live Episode 6: Griffin Paladin, Optimus Micro and Recce 5

In this episode, we discuss the new Griffin Paladin 5 and how it fits in with Griffin’s extensive product line.

Original Air Date: 11/2/2018



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  1. Wayne LaBeaudNovember 9, 2018

    Loved this vid !! Great Intel. Question..
    Do you have a can for the .22 TCM ???

  2. Eric MontgomeryNovember 9, 2018

    Huge fan of the Recce5, and Griffin in general.

  3. gsyoung54November 10, 2018

    Have a Recce 5 and love it. I bought it specifically because Dustin Ellerman said in his video on the Recce 5 that he called Silencer Shop and asked him what was the quietest 5.56 suppressor they liked and sold. A number of the salespeople/techs were polled and he bought or they sent him the Recce 5. I got one and it is definately hearing safe even under the roof over the range benches and us much quieter out in the open. I have longer cans that are not as efficient. A few months ago a guy came over and asked if I was shooting Blackout subs. I was at a 30 yard range and you don't get much supersonic crack. He said he had 5.56 cans that didn't sound half as quiet when he let other people shoot his setup while he listened. I don't know about "half" but it is a good can.

  4. pilot4prophetNovember 10, 2018

    Have am Optimus Micro dedicated to my FN PS90 sbr. Didn't need the bulk and weight of a full size 5.56 can on the end. Turns out to be a slick and compact set-up. User serviceable and sized right.

  5. JakeDecember 22, 2018

    "We'll fix it in post"…………….*Doesn't fix it in post

  6. The Golf LifeMarch 1, 2019

    Does the recce 5 have a minimum barrel length restrictions?

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