So You Want To Work In Digital Marketing ?

Here are some tips on what we did to get our jobs at Cult LDN as well as tips from industry professionals.
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  1. Rachel StoneOctober 24, 2014


  2. SuperDiamondGHNovember 9, 2014

    This is awesome!!! Question: How do you feel an introvert would hold up in the marketing industry? I'm VERY interested in getting to know more about the industry and getting some hands-on experience. It's the one industry I can truly see myself genuinely enjoying. Do you feel that marketing managers have any type of aversion to introverts? Although I can be very social, I'm naturally pretty quiet. Thoughts? 🙂

  3. thetruthDecember 28, 2014

    Can hardly hear you talk because of the echo in that room that you recorded this in

  4. NaturalCurlGurlJanuary 9, 2015

    WOW Thank you so much for even thinking of us like that. You guys insight is really appreciated. Really cool 🙂

  5. NikkiDoll ♥January 25, 2015

    This sounds very interesting !!!!! 🙂  im studying multimedia computing at uni in london at the moment im in my second year. do they offer work experience ?  

  6. Doris OKJanuary 27, 2015

    This is awesome! What about advancement in the field? What levels and how long do you think on average does it take to move up in the field?

  7. Emm372February 17, 2015

    Did you have previous digital marketing experience prior to apply for the role ?

  8. joy angelMarch 30, 2015

    Hey Laila what would you say is the actual job role if you don't mind me asking, I am studying marketing atm and I want a greater insight of the different careers in marketing 

  9. Lissy MilaJuly 26, 2015

    Great video I just did a online digital marketing course as I'm looking to change careers this really helped. Thank you laila 🙂

  10. Eni.MoAugust 25, 2015

    what did you study in uni?

  11. Zahn SEO ServicesDecember 17, 2015

    Too much echo and could not hear the first few guys!

  12. GrantAugust 21, 2016

    next time think about audio guys haha

  13. Marco KammerDecember 11, 2016

    The audio quality is not that great. Too much echo but yeah good information!

  14. All The BestJanuary 25, 2017

    Too much echo and could not hear the first few guys!

  15. The Parmar FamilyJuly 3, 2017

    You guys need to buy some pillows. Invest in pillows or a new space. Sad to see a great little vlog lost on bad sound.

  16. iz ibJuly 16, 2017

    whats with the audio

  17. Kal VlogsSeptember 18, 2017

    Hi i really want to do digital marketing but in college I dont know what Qualifications in college I should pick to match the career path …..??????
    PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!

  18. Olatujayan CalebSeptember 19, 2017

    Can't hear anything…the audio is bad

  19. AbrakadabruhSeptember 28, 2017


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