Marketing Minute 077 “What Are Keyword & Content Cannibalization?” (Digital Marketing Strategy)

In digital marketing, “keyword cannibalization” occurs when you have multiple pages on your website that target the same word or phrase. Related is “content cannibalization,” where on YouTube or a blog you continually create content on a core topic and promote many of the pieces using the same keywords.

In both cases, marketers typically do this on purpose with the idea that having multiple pages or content sources with the same keyword will result in higher rankings on search engines. Unfortunately, the opposite often occurs. Because no one particular page or content piece is seen as the ultimate source of information for that topic or keyword, the search engines end up ranking each of your pages or content pieces lower than if you had one outstanding source.

To fix this on a website, you might have to restructure your site architecture so that more specific variations of the topic all link back to one most relevant page that will have higher authority than the other pages.

For content on third-party platforms, the key is to build communication connections to your audience via subscriptions, email lists, groups, etc. so you can inform them directly regarding new content.

When you’re in the business of content creation (and we all are), how you structure access to your content is often as important as the content itself.

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  1. SmatSocialOctober 3, 2017

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  3. YAcosta SolutionsOctober 26, 2017

    Hi, Dr. Miyazaki. Recently discovered your videos and really like them! This video got me thinking – do you think this applies to sharing links of relevant information (multiple times)? For example, in my youtube video descriptions, I'll sometimes note "watch this other video that is similar + its url" in the description area. And I may include this again in other videos if they're relevant. What I've seen when I search is that the relevant ones also pop up in the results – although this may also be more organic b/c of the relevancy. Plus, not really scientific anyways since the results are based on my own usage. Anyhow, curious about your thoughts. Thanks!

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