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Influencers are literally just that – people of influence. More specifically, in our digital world, influencers are talent who may have a niche following due to their excellence in a certain industry ie. Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Fashion, Celebrity, Fitness, Car Enthusiasts, Science, Politics, Animals, Money, Business, News, Sport etc… They may be considered an authority, a challenger, an opinion or a disruptor and subject to the level of trust they gave gained as they built their audience, their interaction and the engagement they have with their users, their power of influence may vary.

Influencers marketing has become an opportunity for brands who align with the mission, the purpose, the motive or the demographic these influencers have access to. As a result, they have become the modern day endorsers and brand ambassadors.

In this video, our special guest panelists:

– Suzanne Prosperi (PR, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Specialist)

– Mireille Salloum (Conversion Expert and Co-Founder of Conversion Cafe)

– Natalie Hillar (Influencer Marketing Expert and Director/Founder of IMC Marketing Comms)

explore the new age digital influencer marketing trend and pick their brains to answer your questions around how to get your brand the exposure it deserves!

I wanted to create this video because I know how hard it is to be an influencer (financially speaking) and we need brands to understand what we can do for them and why our job should be more respected and appreciated. Our job is to entertain and share our passion with you and every single person who follows us is interested in what we do.

If more brands understand what we do and what we talk about in this video, more Influencers will be able to do this full time.

I recommend to every youtuber, instagrammer, facbeook, infuencers colleague to use this video as a tool for you to get a brand to pay you for your job.

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  1. Vincenzos PlateMay 13, 2017

    Watch this video to understand more about the power of an Influencer…We work very hard to produce content and the only way we could make money with our job is to collaborate with brands we love. The brands we love can get exposure through us and we can keep creating content and have a sustainable life. I wanted to share this video with you because money is the biggest struggle for an influencer and brands need to understand that we are very important to them. Spread the message and let's make an impact in the DIGITAL EVOLUTION

  2. Byron ChandlerMay 15, 2017

    Ciao, Vincenzo. Another great video as always. Such strong compassionate women and men with great speeches. What's the best way to buy your dad the perfect Father's Day gift? Have a good day, Vincenzo.

  3. Bandana's KitchenMay 15, 2017

    Awesome video , plz check out my channel by click the below link

  4. Notorious JMay 15, 2017

    I'm proud of you my friend. I know you work very hard to create amazing content and to entertain us with your videos. But I know it's not easy to have a sustainable life. It is refreshing how honest this video is and it's very inspiring to other Youtubers who face the same hurdles. Keep up the great work Vincenzo! Don't ever give up!

  5. Steve's KitchenMay 15, 2017

    Fantastic Video Guys, I do hope you recover soon Vinzenzos LOL. One day we should meet and talk buddy, I used to be so into this stuff, I used to run a Management Consultancy in Asia. In my maturer days, I seem to have lost my drive/interest but this stuff still fascinates me as it does you.. I think we would get on well.. Love to you all.


  6. Dalya RubinMay 15, 2017

    This is such a great video! People always ask me what I do and they don't understand the idea of influencers and YouTubers. Thanks so much for sharing what we do!

  7. Casa E CucinaMay 15, 2017

    You have influenced me a lot!!!

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    Don Vince' ho fatto un copia e incolla su google traduttore, ma lo stesso non ho capito niente! Aahhahaha Ciao 🙂

  10. AllasYummyFoodMay 15, 2017

    great video!!! we should spread the word!

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    I wonder where are these type of agencies in LONDON for food influencers !

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    SO much valuable information-your wife is so beautiful and intelligent, you are lucky to have her as your brand ambassador! I have to admit marketing my content is my biggest weakness, I think I need to hire someone! Thank you so so much for this video!

  15. Cheryl KMay 19, 2017

    Great information! Awesome!

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    Great video!
    Found the information very insightful.

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    Great video Vincenzo! Thanks for sharing all this valuable info. Best!

  18. Perter HarryJune 8, 2017

    Nice Video! I'm using to marketing for my company. It's good application

  19. Cearion UyNovember 26, 2017

    Great Video! I actually use simple agreements when I work with Influencers for my brand, there's a free one at

  20. Tin BernasJanuary 18, 2018

    there's sites like has a bunch of influencers on the directory.

  21. Jakob BourneSeptember 6, 2018

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