Social media marketing plan training & tutorial with top social media marketing strategies

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In this social media marketing training video I share the strategies that professional marketers, big companies and established brands use to promote their brands on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, podcasting on iTunes and Stitcher, and even by maintaining their own blog, and building an audience by blogging.

The first thing I explain in the video is what not to do on social media. Don’t aggressively sell your products to your friends and followers. Even if you do try it, you will run out of sites on which to post your content pretty quickly, and at that point you will be forced to think harder about how you will promote your business on social media.

Now that you know what not to do, let’s discuss what might be a fantastic marketing plan for you that is filled with some top strategies. There are two major strategies that you should always keep in mind. The first is that you should use social media to establish yourself as an expert in your business niche. Being seen as an expert will help you gain more trust, clients, and ultimately make more money by growing sales, revenue and profits. You want to make more money and generate more sales, right? If so, then you should definitely position yourself as an expert.

The second social media marketing strategy to keep in mind is that you must build an audience. Don’t think of people as just visitors whom you must convert into sales right away. Of course, you want to have your social media marketing campaign drive sales. But you will get more sales long-term if you get people engaged and make them into fans who continue to engage with your brand. The more people will engage with your brand, the higher the chance that they will eventually buy something from your business.

Once you build large social media channels, what you can then do is leverage them to get publicity and other favors for your business from people who will want to get promotion from your large online presence. Those extra favors can result in you getting publicity, which will impact your SEO very positively, and get you all kinds of additional benefits. It is a winning strategy that will save you money because you won’t have to hire any SEO consultants or agencies.



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    Thank you, very insightful.

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    Yes you have been helpful though I have been writing on linked in for a solid month, I'm an inventive mechanical and industrial designer, I have sixteen years of inventive design experience in the commercial industry.I'm getting closer to everything designed in Auto CAD, and have more than thirty industrial patent potentials, but I have no money to go any business plan strategies employment training and lots of systems are all wrote about and close to design completion.I know I need to narrow things down a bit but dam I've been waiting for a funder for five years after all the networking and getting a new phone I'm almost there.My father was an art teacher I can draw and build anything and have, am I doomed to do nothing or can I go on to the next step already.I have a cell phone and no computer with 4G I've used up 3.7G already and cant even afford a SIM card. school is letting me use their computer so I wont stay long and I obviously love to write, draw, design, render, woodwork, metal work, glass kilm and forming, black smiting, milling, hydraulics, welding, so many skills, talents and wisdom, going to waist. I've been networking but cant afford gas money to keep going. Tai Knows me, but not well. I've given up so much like internet, cable, haircuts, food, clothing, electric, car maintenance, it's only going to take one more thing to go wrong and I'm homeless.I'd rather be homeless than give up my car but that's probably going to.have fun every day, and get some sleep eventually. As a professional insomniac my sleep cycles are a bit typical through the week starting at five hr, then four, three, two, throughout the week, normally get five to eight but haven't lately. I've got to much to do and I haven't even been paid yet.Doing something you love doesn't feel like work, but it makes you tired a lot.

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    Thank you for investing in others. It is highly appreciated.

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    No worries about the speech✌️ You are unique in your own way! Really help video… appriciated✌️

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