Grow Your Instagram ORGANICALLY in 2018 (How to work WITH the Instagram algorithm)

Latest algorithm updates got your account down?? Well, don’t worry, cuz I’ve got you covered! The SIX Instagram growth strategies that I’m sharing in today’s video actually work *with* the latest updates to grow your account as fast as possible in 2018!

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🔹 Advanced Instagram HASHTAG Strategy Explained

🔹 What’s on my Android phone?

🔹 How to Get More Instagram STORY Views

🔹 How to Reach BIG Goals

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  1. Gillian PerkinsAugust 1, 2018

    You can find me on IG @gillianzperkins (I'm finally working on growing my own account, instead of just those of others. 🙂 ) Be sure to leave me a comment on my most recent post, say "hey!" and let me know that you found me from this video. 🙂

  2. Mariano NocettiOctober 7, 2018

    So useful tips!..Thank you very much for share all this info!

  3. Venkat IyengarOctober 8, 2018

    Why would they allow 30 hashtags and penalize you for using all? That makes little to no sense..

  4. CS JINXXOctober 10, 2018

    How do I get my following to be more active with my posts. I post twice a day.

  5. Susan A. HubbardOctober 10, 2018

    Very informative! Thanks for the advice! 🙂

  6. jaime janerOctober 11, 2018

    Hi Gillian, if you read this, I would like to know what source of information you have to say everything you say on this video, it's like you have been working with instagram to know all that with that confidence you say it. Can you provide us some link please?

  7. VAIBHAVOctober 11, 2018

    Came here only to comment you r very pretty and gorgeous

  8. naija momlife [qmoves]October 13, 2018

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Claire EmilyOctober 13, 2018

    I just prefer IG rocket com to get more followers

  10. Old Man FrankOctober 14, 2018

    OMG The hashtag tip has totally opened my eyes. It makes so much sense. Thank you so much! @camaronado

  11. Simply MikaylaOctober 14, 2018

    Another thing about the hashtags is making sure they are spelled correctly.

  12. Javier Ruiz-LeonOctober 15, 2018

    Hi Sue.I need help!!! Some of my photos are uploading rotated from my phone to Planoly. I've been using Planoly for 2 weeks now this just started happening 2 days ago. These are photos that were taken vertically NOT horizontally. I've already had to scramble to post other photos I hadn't planned on just make up for this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  13. Leslie McCarthyOctober 17, 2018

    thanks!! do you like the idea of starting out with a visual creative idea overall to start building the initial engagement to build followers around the intentions?

  14. Alicia GonzalezOctober 18, 2018

    Hello! Thank you for the video! For the hashtag research, are we checking that our posts are in the Top category? Or the Recent category?

  15. Adrian RolloOctober 19, 2018

    Making a DM group for people interested in style, fitness, hmu for invite✌️

  16. xXDopamine.InbalanceXxOctober 19, 2018

    Much better than everyone else, but these techiques are not organic.

  17. La CourdiaOctober 20, 2018

    I enjoyed this. Thank you for the tutoring.

  18. Jennifer RobisonOctober 21, 2018

    I never actively used hashtags, I was able to grow my account to over 200k followers in a fairly short amount of time. However, in the past yr and a half my account has grown stagnant. The algorithms definitely aren’t favoring my account! I’ve questioned why even bother anymore. I lose followers but I’m not gaining. This has given me some hope that I can get back in the game. I haven’t been willing to do the follow/unfollow thing that seems to be what’s popular on the one or two fb groups I joined. That doesn’t seem like a very organic way to grow.

  19. Amy GoldsmithOctober 21, 2018

    all I heard was hashtag

  20. Seri KouyouOctober 22, 2018

    Whoa actual real tips?! Thank you

  21. lorenzo di pietroOctober 24, 2018

    Thank you thank you thank you for all this information. I have always struggled with the hashtags topic because I never entirely understood their function but you've been so clear, now I'm gonna start doing a more precise research.
    Thanks again for sharing with us! God bless you!

  22. StevenWayneJonesOctober 25, 2018

    Hey Girl! Great info. Thanks so much. I'm gonna go follow you for sure!! Bravo!! @SWJonesPhoto If you are getting married or know somebody that needs a wedding photographer, let me know, thanks!!!

  23. Debbie CakesOctober 25, 2018

    Will creating an Instagram help bring ppl to my youtube? I am starting a youtube and I want to use another platform to promote that is not fb.

  24. NonXistentOctober 27, 2018

    girls grow accounts way faster than boys

  25. KatyPerryUEVOOctober 28, 2018

    I am in love with IG rocket com to get followers likes

  26. Caitlin BurtOctober 28, 2018

    This is amazing and I'm looking for related videos (preferably by you). I'm a brand new social media manager for several companies that have multiple brands across all platforms. Thanks for the vids!

  27. maria ofarrellOctober 29, 2018

    I am brand new to Instagram. Your video was great and so helpful! I am now wondering do likes and comments not matter as much but just how many followers you have that gets you in more and more competitive posts?

  28. Tara WagnerOctober 31, 2018

    I was ranking for hashtags of 130k and my engagement was around 8%. Then it started dropping steeply and my engagement is around 2% and I'm not ranking for even 1k hashtags. Real followers (3500) and they're not even seeing my posts anymore. Any ideas how to correct this?

  29. Juan Eduardo RamirezOctober 31, 2018


  30. Abhi SharmaNovember 1, 2018


  31. Abhi SharmaNovember 1, 2018

    Love you

  32. chartavious011November 1, 2018

    Loved this thanks a lot.

  33. Illy AriffinNovember 2, 2018

    Thank you for this valuable info 🙂 finally understand how to use hashtag more effective 🙂

  34. Christen CherryNovember 2, 2018

    Thank you for this video! I've heard over and over and over again to always use the full 30 hashtags, so I'll give this new method a try!! Do you have any recommendations for pulling followers from other platforms? IE: 36,000+ followers on Facebook, only 8,000 on insta.

  35. Larval StageNovember 4, 2018

    I hate it when people use "grow" as a transitive verb with a non-agricultural object.

  36. Alissa BennettNovember 6, 2018

    Thanks much! This was very helpful! Short, sweet, concise with concrete examples. NOw i have to try to put them into practice! I have been doing it all wrong with the hashtags (using all 30 and repeating a ton). One question i have re the facebook follow trains–it sounds as though we are required to follow pages in attempts to get followers to our page. What if we arent genuinely interested in these pages and vice versa? Isnt the point not just to grow followers but engaged followers who actually want to be following? FYI, my IG is @alissab_customjewelry

  37. Truth Speaks GroupNovember 6, 2018

    Great tips I will put to use

  38. The Productive ProfessionalNovember 6, 2018

    Super useful, thanks!

  39. Achillea BenNovember 7, 2018

    New subscriber!!!! Love your content and honest info sharing. This video really helped me since I just opened an instagram account and i know nothing about it. Lots of love <3

  40. Salma SweilemNovember 8, 2018

    Thank you so much

  41. rataflaca1November 9, 2018

    i have 38,000 followers and i dont appear in any top hashtags , and yes my likes and comment are real

  42. Futurenet USANovember 10, 2018

    Thanks so much, its very educational.

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