What is Digital Marketing? Explained!

Where have all the AD MEN gone?

If you’ve ever wondered about what happened to suave Ad Men from the 50’s and 60’s you’ll find the answer illustrated in the video. But more importantly, if you’ve not clear on how today’s digital marketing functions, take a look at this useful video, which lays out the basics about what it means to advertise on today’s digital world. We promise, you’ll be more informed during the 15 minutes of this video on Digital Marketing, then any ECON class that lasts a full semester. Get introduced to the Math Men, the wizards who see the real potential in the world wide web’s willing audience to interact, like, share, try-out new services and new products. The Math men have realized how to market and sell to potentially anyone.

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  1. MANISH MISHRAJune 14, 2016

    very crisp n nice info

  2. Pauline BanezOctober 5, 2016

    what video editor you use??

  3. Garin MurphyNovember 20, 2016

    Best explanation of how digital advertising has evolved

  4. Vitul MUDecember 27, 2016

    i didnt get it

  5. BETABOSSJanuary 4, 2017

    What is a digital ad not I want either banners or videos

  6. Vishnu Kumar Kailash KumarFebruary 6, 2017

    Brilliant animation!

  7. dahitman55September 28, 2017

    Great video but I'm a bit curious as to why Yellow Pages was explicitly mentioned. Hmnnnn

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