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The Top 3 Instagram Themes You Should Try
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Video Topic: What Are Some Dope Aesthetic Instagram Themes?

Lately I’ve been getting requests for the best Instagram themes to use for consistent vibes. So in this Instagram Tips video I’m breaking down the 3 best instagram themes for anyone who’s bored with their current one or if you just need something that’s simple to do! This video is for all levels and covers every skill level from photoshop pros, Instagram video creators, and people that use Instagram apps only.




Vintage Tan

Dark Tones

Rainbow Gradient




intro/outro animation by Nathan Hadden
intro music by Duckwrth ⇨
other music by: Ashton McCreight ⇨


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  1. PrimeszyMay 14, 2018

    Great video as always! I was wondering if you could do some more vids shooting with a phone.

  2. benny blaizeMay 15, 2018

    great video.thanks for sharing : 0

  3. Sara DikrallahMay 15, 2018

    Once again another amazing video! I really love this video it was exactly what I was searching for❤️

  4. King elMMay 17, 2018

    man thats cool plz tell me is it my acount good @achraf_m.o.d.e.l

  5. Karly PolkosnikMay 22, 2018


  6. SociallyChrissy TVMay 23, 2018

    Omg devan another banger. I swear I don’t understand how you don’t have a higher amount of subbies.

  7. Khairul BadmiMay 25, 2018

    How can edit the Vintage Tan, I like him? Anybody who can help you to show his application?

  8. ZERØMay 26, 2018

    Dope channel bro

  9. EllapinketteJune 1, 2018

    Already at 25k! Woah! Growing!!!!!!

  10. lil isaiahJune 5, 2018

    Really helpful. I might try the dark tones

  11. jiJune 13, 2018

    ppl should be able to figure this out for themselves

  12. this is amazing information, thank you Devan so much, happy weekend

  13. Annie XJune 25, 2018

    Thanks so much for making these videos – they’re so useful!!

  14. Nic MayJuly 12, 2018

    Excellent! I don't even have an IG page but this video inspired me to improve on my personal photos.

  15. Emelline PautuJuly 24, 2018

    Please check out bonnie strange channel ❤️ her feed is so pretty

  16. MagicmarcJuly 26, 2018

    U lit bro

  17. MagicmarcJuly 26, 2018

    I dont hear You what the apps are called

  18. rile.ySeptember 4, 2018

    Can someone please tell me how to edit with the vintage tan? I really like it

  19. Johnny VichiSeptember 10, 2018

    messaged the person with the Monochrome theme, he will now watch your video and thanked you Devon! I also thank you!

  20. Sparkleglimmer22EditingsSeptember 16, 2018

    All i need is a photographer i suck at photos, im not a photogenic person but i can do editings hahahaha so bad i cannot do both

  21. ItsHeySarahOctober 15, 2018

    I’ve been doing for the rainbow gradient for years now but I’m so bored of it now so I’m transitioning into monochrome with a pop of colour xx

  22. Gillian SeetsoOctober 19, 2018

    I love how you were able to have different skin colours with the explanations as it kinda gives a more detailed explanation. Thank you.

  23. The Avenue BrandDecember 20, 2018

    This was an awesome and extremely informative video

  24. Giuseppe De NigrisFebruary 28, 2019

    Great value

  25. Michael GentilesMarch 2, 2019

    Please teach me how to edit the dark tones. I badly want to learn to edit huhu

  26. ManzyMarch 17, 2019

    Growing to 5k, going to make a dm group to gain active followers, just follow and dm to be added 🙂 @blackk.australia

  27. ManzyMarch 17, 2019

    Love the black theme so much! decided to take a leap and make an account, thank you so much for helping me finally follow my goal of creating it just never knew how to or who to follow! Itll be targetting austalians! blacked account: blackk.australia main: justinn.beckerr

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