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Influencers are literally just that – people of influence. More specifically, in our digital world, influencers are talent who may have a niche following due to their excellence in a certain industry ie. Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Fashion, Celebrity, Fitness, Car Enthusiasts, Science, Politics, Animals, Money, Business, News, Sport etc… They may be considered an authority, a challenger, an opinion or a disruptor and subject to the level of trust they gave gained as they built their audience, their interaction and the engagement they have with their users, their power of influence may vary. read more

Cord digital Marketing Solutions

Why cord digital is the way to Communicate & Globalize

CORD Digital is the way to Communicate & Globalize
Communicate ( Digital Marketing, Multimedia solutions, Web Solutions Graphic Designs & Photography).

Globalize (Outsourcing with providing private label services & Franchising)……CORD Digital is your gate to the Italian market
CORD Digital is a group of specialized persons from different backgrounds, who are able to manage your projects from A to Z Regardless of your budget. Our team will work with you from the beginning and throughout your projects. Our team can help you dealing with the world of business, converting to E-Business, and trending to inbound marketing instead of outbound marketing. CORD Digital is your link to the digital business, locally and globally. Our 2d & 3d Designers and Animators are able to display your products and services in a very professional manner. In addition to our services of outsourcing & franchising ,we are keen to support the Egyptian industrials through our strategic communication networks in Italy. read more

4 Phases of Digital Marketing | online marketing seminar

The 4 Phases of Digital Marketing is the framework behind the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan – a step-by-step online marketing plan which helps marketing managers, business owners and entrepreneurs to significantly improve their internet success.

26-Week Digital Marketing Plan founder David Bain gave this seminar on the 6th December 2012 in London, UK. read more