Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Gym, Health Club, Or Training Business – Social media marketing for your training business, gym, or health club can play a huge role in bringing in more clients.

In this interview Frank Nash shows how to use social media the right way for your training business.

It covers everything from Facebook, to Instagram. So check out this interview on how to use social media marketing the right way for your training business.



  1. Laz WilburJanuary 21, 2015

    +1. This specific video has been very informative for me. Also I want to mention that I utilize youtube to bring more visitors to my site since I am a marketer. Want to learn exactly how? You have to go to my youtube profile and learn more regarding how you can harness the power of youtube to increase traffic to your site. Good luck!

  2. Aditya kMarch 18, 2016

    Hi, Very well said… Thanks for the video. I am part of a gym in India. The how of India is totally uneducated about fitness. We have all wrong concepts about exercise/fitness. Our gym started posting health educational tips and general tips on Social Media predominantly on Facebook. We are engaging a small spectrum of audience. But nothing much in revenue. What correction do you thing we should do.

  3. Bernadette HenryNovember 30, 2016

    Thank you for this!!!
    I really love this!
    Entertain on social media.
    Once they are in the gym or get your online course… then you teach!

  4. IG : Team_BrickhouseAugust 10, 2017

    Great Video !!! Thanks man

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