Social Media Marketing for Wedding Professionals Social media is a great way to market your business as a wedding planner, but remember, social media is supposed to be a tool you use for sharing who you are and what you do with a community of people who support you.

Community is the key word for social media. Start conversations, interact, let your personality shine and engage those who are taking the time to support you.

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs get it wrong with social media and we are going to look at the top issues:

1/ It is complicated. There are so many to use that finding the right one for your business can be hard. Pick your 3 favorite mediums that are the right fit for your business and stick with them.

2/ It is scary. It can be intimidating. What if nobody interacts with you or comments on what you’re doing? Or what if your opinion or personality are not well received? Do your research and know who your client is. That way you can make sure what you’re saying on social media is appropriate for them.

3/ It is time consuming. Create boundaries right from the start so you don’t end up wasting hours on end sat on social media. Try using the 3-30 rule – schedule 3 blocks of 30 minutes each day to check and post on social media.

Social media is so beneficial in helping you create a more refined brand, attracting your ideal clients, sharing who you are and what you do, engaging with your followers & supporting others in your industry.

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