Social Media Marketing for Small Business – Essential Today

In today’s world, Social Media Marketing for small business is absolutely essential. In this video, find out why!

At Marketing 360® we work with thousands of small businesses of all different kinds. For many industries, like eCommerce, social media has caught on faster and been very effective, but for others, such as plumbers, it has been slower. But in 2018 and beyond that is all going to change. It already is. We have a plumber that is using Instagram effectively to grow their business right now! Let’s talk about it!

Reasoning Covered In Video:

First Off – Millennials, Generation Z and Generation Alpha are not using Google. They are using social media. If you do not have a presence there, you do not exist. Even if you’re at the top of Google! They are not going to leave Google to search, they are going to search in the app they know and love.

Secondly – Marketing has come full circle. We’re back to the referral system like the old days before search. But now-a-days, referrals are on social!

Thirdly – Social Proof is key today. If you don’t have follower, if you don’t have content, if you don’t engage, you are considered uncool.

So here’s the deal – What are you doing to build your presence on social? How often are you posting? What are you posting? Is your design/content strong? Does it add value? Are you doing video? Are you engaging with your community?


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  1. azfiuSeptember 28, 2017

    Do you have a video specifically focusing on acquiring clients? I'm really struggling in that area

  2. Jackgie LinSeptember 29, 2017

    whats the best social media to be invested in as an individual business? starting with small budget…

  3. Pro-Finish-Painting ReginaOctober 11, 2017

    Awesome video again guys, we love instagram and can definitely see it being a larger presence in our online marketing moving forward into 2018

  4. Kristeinmay BernasOctober 16, 2017

    Check out a social media marketing platform perfect for individuals and business owners

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