Social marketing gurus reveal how to go on a Digital Marketing Blitz

Over US$1m in social marketing and business development advice for your business

The latest Market research is telling us that the internet is the most influential medium in our society, more powerful than television, more powerful than print media.

This week we’ll be pulling together the best thinking from the $1m Team, and creating a killer digital campaign for your business.

The weekly workshop is already live, plus we’re releasing literally dozens of shows from the Team and other featured experts showing you how to get it done.

TOM McCANN: we have seen in this research that people are spending more and more time in less environments because social networks now allow you to do everything you want online. So allow you to keep in contact with friends, allow you to share photos, they allow you to look at other kinds of content from external websites. So people are spending less time on sites outside of this. So you kind of have to take the message to where people are going to be which is inside social media rather than build a brand website and expect them to come. It’s about taking your content to them and taking your message to them where they spend their time which is increasingly social media.

Penny Powers: This is growing at such a phenomenal rate if you decide I’m not going to do it you’re making a massive decision to be outside of a massive marketing engine that is going to change the way businesses are marketed. If we just look at Ecaademy’s growth, in January we had 6000 members join, in May we had 17,000 members join. That’s a huge growth in people that are starting to embrace digital marketing and understand how to communicate your message out there so its not a subject you can chose not to do.



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  1. Lamb 0September 7, 2008

    Death of interruption marketing. Yeah bring it on!

  2. SmartaSeptember 30, 2010

    This video was created 2 years ago, look at Social Media, now that's phenomenal growth! In the video it says "if myspace was a country it would be the 8th most populated country in the world", impressive. 2 years on and if Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd most populated country in the world! Ah the power of Social Media eh?!

  3. edynamicMay 23, 2011

    Nice one

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  5. Nikki TuckerNovember 14, 2012

    Well done

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