How to Start your Social Media Marketing Agency with $0

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A few months ago (in February) I started my business with $0. I’ll share you how I did it completely free. If you’re lost and need some guidance, reach out to me in the comments or in the Facebook group.

If you’re new to Social Media Marketing and you’re trying to start your agency business, Watch this video until the end.

I talk about:
1. what you need to start your SMMA
2. what not to waste time on
3. how to start with $0
4. how to prepare before contacting potential clients
5. what to research and focus on
6. plus much more.

Cold Calling:

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How to Start Your Social Media Marketing Agency with $0



  1. ZertexJune 23, 2017

    dude finally your here give more info im just starting and want to catcj up ! if youd like to talk let me know 🙂

  2. DEVIN MALEKJune 23, 2017

    Great work

  3. Rob SchadJune 23, 2017

    hey, sick video super helpful! i subscribed, hope you do the same to share a journey

  4. Chavez PettitJune 23, 2017

    Right on my dude.

  5. Simon StainJune 23, 2017

    I was worried you wouldn't come back to youtube, was there too much on the schedule?^^

  6. Michael VargasJune 24, 2017

    Chris!!! I spoke with you a few times weeks ago. Landed my first client with my business partner Brian and are currently speaking with and hopefully closing a 2nd! Would love to chat again and catch up. I will text you next week 🙂 Thanks for all of the help and support!

  7. Cybereus GJuly 5, 2017

    Learned some much from you guys especially the social media audit dos and don'ts! I was wondering would you ever be interested in collaboration or just connecting let me know! Reply or contact me on IG: rhondregiscombe

  8. Jacob VargasJuly 11, 2017

    Is the face book group still active ? i joined the course a bit over a month ago and just finished I'm only 16 years old i wanna know i my age will prevent me from getting a client and also what is the most affective way to get your foot in the door.

  9. StoltzArtworkJuly 13, 2017

    Hey Christopher is there any way i can contact you?

  10. AshburnConnectTVJuly 15, 2017

    The echo is annoying!

  11. Miles SteeleJuly 15, 2017

    I don't know where the background is but I love it

  12. Miguel PringleJuly 16, 2017

    so if I wanted to could I start making calls and emails and everything now? and lets say I land my first client, do I need a contract that says they pay me on this date and at this time or do they just pay you

  13. Miguel PringleJuly 22, 2017

    So i have a quick question. Now that ive started my smma ive been doing cold calls. BUT ive only been calling locally owned businesses. Should i continue to only call locally owned businesses? My main worry is targeting things like family dollar. Because family dollar is like a big business and not locally owned what could i do?

  14. Bailey WestJuly 31, 2017

    How can I get in touch with you?

  15. Leow AlvinAugust 29, 2017

    Check it out! alvinlah will promote to 20,000,000 social media people for yo… for $5 on #Fiverr

  16. Captain DildofaceSeptember 4, 2017

    You must be really secure in your sexuality to wear that shirt.

  17. steve stricklandSeptember 7, 2017

    Wow I,m Blown Away Chris I,vet Been Researching for Months Mostly What I,vet Found Really Young Individuals With Flashy Intros With Sports Cars Used as Bait for Social Media Proof Making Courses to Sell to People You Are Completely Different I Love the Honesty and The Fact You Don,t Care What Other People Think. One Question What Absolutely Has to Be in Place Before Getting Clients Such as Legalities Client Contracts and How Competency Should I Have Or Should I Say Fuck It And Just Go Crazy Getting Clients and Figure It Out as I Go ? Again Thanks a Bunch

  18. Martha EdelmanSeptember 9, 2017

    We provide premium Social Media Services to our clients worldwide

  19. Yusuff AdeshinaSeptember 10, 2017

    Hi chris…I sent you a friend request on facebook…Kindly accept it!

  20. George ArnoldSeptember 12, 2017

    How is it 0$ when you have to pay to get your business registered for at least $70?

  21. George ArnoldSeptember 12, 2017

    You can't Starr with $0 you need money to register your social media marketing agency

  22. Zion EdwardsOctober 4, 2017

    Do you recommend me narrowing myself down to one niche before I even get my 1st client?

  23. Jon ClaryOctober 9, 2017

    Hey guys would anyone be interested in a weekly google hangout group for online marketing? (make money online, affiliate marketing, shopify, facebook ads, ect) I'm not looking to make any money from this, and it will always be free to join. I am simply looking for a group of like minded individuals to bounce ideas off of. Ideally, I would like this group to consist of 10-15 committed individuals for this group. I am currently in a amazon fba google hangout and I would like to run my meetings in a similar fashion to that weekly hangout. I would like each meeting to run around 45-minutes to an hour. We meet each Friday Afternoon @ 4:30 Eatern US time. If you are interested, please skype me or leave a comment .I will make sure to follow up with everyone who is interested and look forward to making this vision of mine a reality. Skype id : c507dfd86756e64a
    I'm also available to answer any questions as well. Thanks!Feel free to join our hangout group as well!

  24. Bruce TubeOctober 9, 2017

    Youre awesome man

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