Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents 2015

Digital marketing should be a big part of the strategic plan for every insurance agent. But there are so many options, and some have big price tags attached. Just to add a little extra risk to return on investment, marketing program results can sometimes be difficult to measure and take months to materialize.

This short presentation will show you how to align your marketing tactics with your opportunities and identify any low-cost, low-risk marketing programs you may be overlooking now.

Companion Resources (download):

Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet – quick reference to relative cost, risk, and time-to-results for common digital marketing tactics—sheet1.pdf

Gap Analysis Worksheet – Excel worksheet to do some quick checking of the amount of sales (bottom up) it will take for your insurance agency to meet your top down growth goals. The worksheet will also help identify a first cut segmentation for sources of sales growth.

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  1. Tammy De LeeuwFebruary 10, 2015

    A lot of people don't understand the implications of the ACA on their taxes, businesses. etc.  Insurance agents can learn to leverage the free PR from Obamacare and grow their businesses.

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