Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents

Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents with Sam Ashdown.

Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents is a big topic, but in this video I give you some tips on how to get started and how to make the best out of the top social networks.

The biggest mistake that I see estate and letting agents make in social media marketing is making it all about them. If you make it all about you, why would anyone else want to read it? So, you know, tweeting your newsletter, or just uploading your local press releases and onto Facebook, that’s not going to work and people are not going to want to follow you and consume your content. As well as making the content that you’re sharing on social media about them, about the people who are reading it, you also need to decide first of all, what platform you’re going to use. read more

How To Make A GIF For Social Media Marketing

Aggressive Growth Marketing’s senior account manager Kalynn, goes over how to easily make a #GIF for your #socialmediamarketing without the use of Adobe Photoshop or other paid software/programs! In this video:

1. She uses to create her GIF images
2. Creates a GIF using
3. Uploads the GIF to http:///
4. Embeds the GIPHY GIF to Facebook to be used in a Facebook post or other platforms like Twitter and Google+
5. Turns GIF into a MP4 file via and/or so you can use the GIF on Instagram or other social media platforms as well read more