Marketing Minute 037: “Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017” (Marketing Strategy)

People are starting to ask… What will be the top digital marketing trends for 2017? There’s not much that can be said in a minute, but I’ll give you an overview of the top three.

Number One: Engagement

As I mentioned back in Marketing Minute number 19, “Three-Path Engagement” consists of you reaching out to your audience, your audience acknowledging your communication, and then the clencher, you need to interact with those engaged viewers to start building meaningful relationships. read more

Affiliate Marketing Bangla | Which Marketing Tools You Need To Start Digital Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Bangla | Which Marketing Tools You Need To Start Digital Marketing. Affiliate Marketing Bangla Video Tutorial | How To Lock Your Marketing Target. Watch this step by step video to learn about digital marketing.

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Google Plus: read more

What Will The Future of Digital Marketing Be Like for Small Businesses?

Strategy isn’t figuring out the best way to do something. Strategy is figuring out the best way to do something with the resources you have.

Learn from Mark Montini, Surefire Social’s new EVP, Brand Strategy and Chief Customer Officer, as he shares his insights and vision on the future of digital marketing, and what’s in store for small businesses. read more

Cord digital Marketing Solutions

Why cord digital is the way to Communicate & Globalize

CORD Digital is the way to Communicate & Globalize
Communicate ( Digital Marketing, Multimedia solutions, Web Solutions Graphic Designs & Photography).

Globalize (Outsourcing with providing private label services & Franchising)……CORD Digital is your gate to the Italian market
CORD Digital is a group of specialized persons from different backgrounds, who are able to manage your projects from A to Z Regardless of your budget. Our team will work with you from the beginning and throughout your projects. Our team can help you dealing with the world of business, converting to E-Business, and trending to inbound marketing instead of outbound marketing. CORD Digital is your link to the digital business, locally and globally. Our 2d & 3d Designers and Animators are able to display your products and services in a very professional manner. In addition to our services of outsourcing & franchising ,we are keen to support the Egyptian industrials through our strategic communication networks in Italy. read more