Marketing Minute 077 “What Are Keyword & Content Cannibalization?” (Digital Marketing Strategy)

In digital marketing, “keyword cannibalization” occurs when you have multiple pages on your website that target the same word or phrase. Related is “content cannibalization,” where on YouTube or a blog you continually create content on a core topic and promote many of the pieces using the same keywords. In both cases, marketers typically do […]

Social Media Marketing for Small Business – Essential Today

In today’s world, Social Media Marketing for small business is absolutely essential. In this video, find out why! Intro: At Marketing 360® we work with thousands of small businesses of all different kinds. For many industries, like eCommerce, social media has caught on faster and been very effective, but for others, such as plumbers, […]

10 Social Media Marketing LIES You Probably Believe | Gillian Perkins

How many of these LIES do you believe?? Trying to grow a following on social media, or use it to advertise your business? Don’t fall for these common social media marketing misconceptions that can turn your good intentions into a huge waste of time. Grab your FREE Social Media Marketing Plan: We all know […]

How to Outsource Your Digital Marketing Efforts With a Small Budget

You don’t need a lot of money to outsource your digital marketing efforts…Let me show you how to do it! Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips: Find me on Facebook: Read more on my blog: Sure you could try hiring interns, but it takes too long to train […]