14 Amazing Instagram Tricks You Are Going to Love

How to become popular online? From creating custom filters to getting followers – we are going to rock your Instagram world! However, do not sink too deep into Instagram – our sarcastic thumbnail shows the truth of social media.

If looking at something wonderful, like a sunset in the mountains or your morning cappuccino, makes you want to add a Lo-Fi or #nofilter to it, then you must be one of 700 million active users of Instagram.
In its six years of existence, the photo-sharing network has grown to be twice the size of Twitter. It is not only constantly growing, but also constantly developing. New tools and ways to express your creativity are added to it now and then.
How to make your account stand out in this crowd? You can ask Selena Gomez, who has 128 million followers, or you can watch our video.

Create custom filters 1:07
Schedule posts 2:11
Archive posts 3:04
Create a solid background 4:14
Add a teaser overlay 4:59
Customize your color palette 5:50
Create a shadow text 6:30
Layer your captions 7:01
Play with caption shapes and letter sizes 7:39
Mute someone in Stories 8:05
Block someone from seeing your Stories 8:49
Make a screen grab 9:20
Create a poll 10:08
Find your niche and be relatable 11:28

– As you are editing your picture, drag the icon of the filter you like most to the beginning of the list. It will stay there, and you will find in no time. More than that, you can create your custom filter by mixing two or three of them.
– The best time to post on weekdays is after 6 pm when most people finish work or school. As for the weekend, you have more options and can post before or after lunch, but probably not Friday or Saturday night.
– Archiving posts can be useful if you are trying to style up your account or avoid emotional decisions. To clean up your feed to make it look stylish, you may find pictures or videos which seem out of the new concept.
– If you ever feel like sharing a cool quote, ask an important question or create a kind of an opening shot for a set of pictures, you will need to learn this one. You can make a solid background in your stories.
– Stories also let you easily create a kind of a teaser for a photo or video you’ve shared. Popular bloggers like to say “stay tuned; my new video is coming at 6 pm today”.
– You can get access to thousands of colors in a matter of seconds. Ready to try it? Open the pen tool and press and hold on one of the colors in the standard selection.
– You must think people who add the shadow effect to their writings have access to some secret font tool. In fact, they don’t. It is really easy to create it yourself.
– Adding multiple layers of captions will spice up your stories. You can write one sentence word by word, or have as many lines as you want to appear one after another. You can make a step-by-step tutorial, or share your favorite poem line by line – it is whatever you choose.
– Be creative and try to play with caption shapes and letters color and size. You can use the pen tool to draw any shape you like and then add a caption over it.
– If you don’t want to lose an Instagram connection to that person altogether because they post good photos to their feed, here is what you can do. Try muting them in Stories. To do it, hold your finger on their Stories icon and pick the option to mute them.
– If you want to see everyone’s Stories, but want to have some privacy for yourself, there is also a way out. You can block certain people from seeing your Stories. To do it, go to Settings (by clicking the gear icon on your page) and choose Story Settings.
– You will need to download some screen recording app. There is a rather big choice, and you can try any of them. You open it and start recording. Remember you have 30 seconds – that’s how long a story can be.
– Polls are the latest Instagram hit. Creating a poll in your Stories is very easy. All you have to do is open Stories, take a picture or create a solid background (you already know how to do it), and add a sticker to it.
– When people see a new follower, they will most likely check out your account. Create an accurate bio for them to see. Describe yourself briefly but to the point. When new people see something they can relate to in addition to beautiful pictures, they will more likely follow you back.

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    Create custom filters 1:07
    Schedule posts 2:11
    Archive posts 3:04
    Create a solid background 4:14
    Add a teaser overlay 4:59
    Customize your color palette 5:50
    Create a shadow text 6:30
    Layer your captions 7:01
    Play with caption shapes and letter sizes 7:39
    Mute someone in Stories 8:05
    Block someone from seeing your Stories 8:49
    Make a screen grab 9:20
    Create a poll 10:08
    Find your niche and be relatable 11:28

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